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How we collect Information

CelebritiesMedia collects information about client web browser and IP address to improve the user experience. When a client visits our website, its page content or any resource within our website, a cookie are downloaded to the device. A cookie is a file that stores client’s information about the user.

CelebritiesMedia contains different social networking sites, traffic monitoring tolls, advertisement and other tools for data analysis.

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring helps us identifying the precise number of traffic on our site. Monitoring traffic, we use Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics helps us to gather visitors data and analyze traffic on our site. All these activities are conducted so as to enhance the user experience. Google doesn’t sell such information to any third parties companies for data processing or marketing purpose. You can check Google privacy policy by visiting this following link


CelebritiesMedia uses third-party ads for the aim of advertisement. These third-party ads help to market others products and services with the assistance of our website. These third-party ads collect visitor information to display appropriate ads to the respected users. You may check the privacy policies through these link below

Social Networks

CelebritiesMedia uses various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These social media collect visitors information to support various social media features. You can check their privacy policies through these links below.

General Data Protection Regulation

We comply with GDPR. We usually don’t collect personal data from users. However, the names and emails from Contact Page are getting to be used only to reply to you. We protect your priceless privacy, ensure responsibility, and ensure consent. Our website doesn’t use cookies, and it is a good thing!

Complying with this regulation, user and viewers have right to:

• you’ll correct your data if it’s outdated.

• you’ve got right to erase data or ask us to erase data of you.

• You have right to take all data our to the information.

• you’re allowed to look at how your data are stored here

Note: If you own the rights to any of the images/contents and to not wish them to publish please contact us and that they are going to be promptly removed!

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